About us

Situated in the wonderland named Cappadocia, Alp Hotel has been designed and created from a distinctive combination of the geological features and instinct of protecting the nature. The material used at the building was cut from the tuff hills of Cappadocia to fit the general landscape of the area and to give our guests the feeling of staying at a cave dewelling or at house where locals have been using for thousands of years.

Since, Avanos is the art center of the country for 4,000 years we are proud to work with the local artists not only for our wall reliefs but also for the concept all over the hotel.


Located right in the heart of Cappadocia, Alp Hotel is a 5-star hotel with a stunning view of this magical site. We offer 73 rooms;  2 of them are suite rooms , 1 of them is connection room , 2 of them are deluxe rooms and the rest  68 of them  are standart rooms. All of our rooms are  natural   stone blending into the architecture of the area with some  Ottoman architectural touch.  Bright colors as red , blue and green c are used in the rooms as local greek houses to get those colors in our lifes which we dont see in the nature.